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  • Tel: 09599922880
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Digital PR

Digital world is expanding at unprecedented speed and it’s influence over the audience is unmatched, and largely it’s addictive to users.
So, if you’re a brand or business or a celebrity, looking to reach out to audience interactively, and gain larger clout over your target audience then digital PR can be the best solution available.Digital PR allows you to engage your audience on interactive platforms and make a deeper impact and influence over your target audience. Moreover, digital medium allows you to easily measure, and painstakingly target at much lesser cost than traditional media.In digital PR we strive to develop strategic social media marketing campaigns to help you achieve social media success and high return on investment.We at Purple Media Works excel in Digital PR solutions. With both young digital experts and marketing veterans in team it becomes quite easier for us to help you build clout in your industry online.

Under our Digital PR services, we cover all kinds of digital PR activities – press release, launches, writing, reviews, awards, social media, analysis, ORM (online reputation management), marketing opportunities, brand promotions and advertising, monitoring and events.With our in-house digital experts, we’ve been able to build large network with authority websites, e-magazines, blogs, and personalities that can help you immediately reach your audience and influence them at right places.

In digital PR, engagement plays the key role therefore, we make sure it plays out fine and unperturbed. As we know, on digital platforms we’ve to deal directly with the audience therefore engagement has to be effective, to the point and proactive in order to make positive mark because otherwise it can harm your image quite easily.

We develop, create and lead strategic and powerful social media campaigns by using social tools/platforms to increase clients’ web presence, to create loyal communities for their business and engage with them constantly to promote their brands.

Websociety Works understands the fragility of engagement therefore we provide separate fine-tuned strategy to help you achieve success on digital front.Apart from this, reaching to bloggers, editors and industry influencers are also at the core of digital PR. We make sure, whether you’re launching a product, starting a new initiative, pushing a new innovation in to the market, or building the brand influence, you’re always with the right people in your industry that can help you get in easier access the right resources and grab right opportunities.Finally, if you’re looking for a PR agency that offer digital PR services that delivers on promises, and offers high performance then you’re at the right place.